Jewelry Fair In Hong Kong Mid 2010 Experience

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Several types of jewelries are available. Most of the brides wear wedding bands. It is an essential part of wedding. It is a symbol of love, emotional bond and commitment to each other. You can find different types of wedding bands, from gold, silver to white gold. Select the one that you like the most.

The Romans and Greeks were also known for their jewelry and the use of gold and silver to make coins. Romans loved wearing a ton of rings on the same finger and the use of Jet and coral, among other semi-precious gemstones. Jewelry was primarily worn by only the most upper class or to ward off evil. The Egyptians, Roman and Greeks made necklaces, bracelets and earrings a main-stay in fashion and art.

Personality Jewelry February - Purple Amethyst: This stone represents a personality which exemplifies gentleness. You are at peace and offer the same to others. You are said to be a very faithful person with a pure and modest way of living life.

Metal Soldering - Soldering is the process of applying extreme heat to a small portion of the precious metal to make it malleable. It can then be bent into shape or combined with another metal or stone to create the look you desire for your custom jewelry. Once everything is in place, the metal is cooled until it hardens again. Soldering is a very common process and it is often used in combination with other techniques.

Name jewelry Another great jewelry item for the males in your life is earrings. A good portion of the male population has at least one of their ears pieced, making a nice earring a great jewelry gift. Name Jewelry is one of the hundreds of things associated with Diamond studs, gold hoops, and other earrings make a great gift for a man that has his ears pierced but would never spend the money to buy himself something really nice. The great thing is that earrings don't have to be all that expensive, so it's a gift that will give you a lot of bang for your buck. Buying your man platinum jewelry is another great idea and is very in just now.

Ah, the roaring 20s! It was such a fun time for fashion, so as you can imagine, it was also a great time to be a jeweler. The jewelry of this period was characterized by bold colors and geometric shapes, but you'll also find some oriental and exotic styles in the jewelry from this time. To create your very own art deco jewelry, avoid yellow gold at all costs. Platinum and white gold were much more popular. And now that you have the basics, it's time to have some fun. Earrings were long and lean, bracelets were stacked (sometimes chunky, sometimes thin) and necklaces were long with flashy beading. Pierced ears were considered taboo, so if you want to be really authentic, your Custom Jewelry should include clip-on earrings.

Now, you can easily design a jewelry set by yourself. Bead caps are an important part of handmade jewelry as they add a professional touch to them. Bead caps give signature look to bracelets and necklaces. Following are some of the benefits of using bead caps in jewelry.