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High Pulse Poker is a whole new poker site that plans on opening real money games on December 1st. An average of poker rooms just open up once they truly are ready to operate, but this brand has decided to try out a new marketing technique. They have decided to allow players to register an account before actually checking the real money action.

With a little over a month before the poker room starts offering real money games they have started running daily freeroll tourneys every fifteen minutes with small prize pools. If you find a way to win a prize then the money will be credited to your account and you'll have money ready for when the poker site starts offering cash games and tournaments on December 1st.

To entice players on joining right now, High Pulse Poker has decided to provide a huge bonus and rakeback deal. The rakeback deal is a whopping 50%, that will be much better then a average poker rakeback deal right now. You will get to keep the 50% rakeback for the life of your account and they're going to never lower the amount you. If you play a lot of poker then you can easily earn an extra 15% of what you're already earning at this time from rakeback.

High Pulse Poker has been beta testing their software for some time now and it's truly a great platform that is unique when compared with any other poker software on the market. If you are tired of playing in the same old poker rooms that make use of the same cookie cutter designs, then you have to check out High Pulse Poker this month and permainan capsa susun sign-up for your health 50% rakeback deal.