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Maybe you're entering a design competition for the fame. Perhaps creating a design that has been turned into limited edition clothing, will help your spread your name around the fashion community and the T shirt community, so that you become more respected.

Step #1) When the color separation is completed, either by doing them manually or using a high-quality Photoshop Plugin / Action to generate, its important to delete the RGB Channels along with any color channel not required for film output. Its also advisable to change the name of the Black Channel to "Black Ink" or something other than "Black". This will help to avoid confusion with process black when the DCS 2.0 file is placed within Adobe Illustrator.

Step 7) Grab your squeegee and while pressing firmly down on the squeegee, push the paint into the screen as you're dragging the squeegee towards the bottom of the screen. Go across the screen a couple of times to make sure very part of the design is covered by the paint.

Name t shirt One of the realities of 21st century music is that unless you have a label and serious muscle behind you, you can probably forget making money by selling music. Honestly, even with that kind of support, you are still unlikely to make a living just from selling CDs or songs on iTunes. What big name artists have learned is that touring and merchandise are where the real money is made. A song can be copied and pirated by thousands or even millions of people, but the event, the real thing, is something that cannot be copied. And neither can custom band merchandise, or at least not effectively, which is why T-shirt production in the age of the Internet is such a great thing for bands. You can up load your images to any number of printers doing business on the net and get your shirts for dirt cheap.

Ever wonder if it's possible to get that sexy look and still be ultra comfortable? Calvin Klein shows you how that's not only possible, but common with all their bras. The best evidence is the supremely chic Calvin Klein Seductive Comfort Bra. Classic styling meets superb materials and construction to give you the utmost in lingerie. Seamless and smooth, you'll never worry about how your outfit will look. And, thanks to a plunging neckline and padding that varies with cup size, you'll never have to worry about how you look.

One of the best and the most fun ways to design a t-shirt is polka dots. They're flirty, enjoyable and simple to draw too. Merely pull out your painting colors and get started. Paint small dots if you want a cutesy effect. However, in case you are aiming at a more dramatic look, then go for bigger sized dots. Make sure that you draw dots in a color that is in contrast to the color of the t-shirt.

Most third party custom clothing sites allow you to personalize your shop's page and colorize and customize your layout. Granted you know a little bit about HTML, and web design, you can take your shop to the next level with flash design, and custom banners and logos. You are in control of what you sell, how much you sell, and what you want to sell. If you love dogs and dolphins, and there's a market for dog owners and aquatic adventurers, make a T-Shirt for dogs that has some artwork of dolphins on it.