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Most of us know him-Barack Obama,president of USA, but how many of us notice his watch? The watch, that owned by the most important men in US, being weared everyday to take part in any occasions.

That is Tag Heuer Aquaracer ! TAG Heuer 1500 Two -Tone Divers ! Barack Obama's Watch!

This model TAG Heuer 1500 Two -Tone Divers, introduced on the market in 1991 .

This model has the typical characteristics of models TAG Heuer 90s, namely a design sporty , avant- garde for its time. easily recognizable by its six triangles golden located on the crown and his white face " granite " .
The 1500 series was produced until 1998 and then became part of the 2000 Series Classics and 2000 Exclusive. These collections were then replaced by Aquaracers , sports watches , the design has been guided by the precision required all water sports .

TAG Heuer Aquaracer watches:

Born in 2002 under the name "2000" and a symbol of prestige sports shows versatile , comfortable in a board like a dive in the Maldives , the Aquaracer is one of TAG Heuer most sold in the world for nearly 20 years . President Barack Obama by example is one from the early 1990s. Completely restyled in 2008 , it has been supplemented by a series high -end 2009, the Aquaracer 500 resistant to 500 meters and features a helium valve automatically . Available TAG Heuer aquaracer quartz chronograph watches as in mechanics, the Aquaracer 500 is the epitome of luxury sports watch , with a powerful design and uncompromising and outstanding performance . In 2010, TAG Heuer continues the saga Aquaracer with the introduction of new quartz watches and mechanical dials refined and elegant Aquaracer making the most versatile , timeless and universal as ever .

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The Latest Aquaracer 500M Calibre 5
With the new AQUARACER 500M CALIBRE 5, the latest addition to the Aquaracer collection, TAG Heuer delivers its most remarkable watersports watch to date. It is outfitted with the superlative characteristics that have come to represent both the essence of the TAG Heuer brand and the crucial features of all professional sports watches. Resolutely masculine design, professional technical specifications, and upscale finishing: the TAG Heuer AQUARACER 500M CALIBRE 5 pushes sportswatch to new levels of performance and luxury. The TAG HEUER AQUARACER 500M CALIBRE 5 is a high-tech, high-performance diving instrument made to last forever, and a prestigious design object of superlative luxury style. Technically advanced, masculine and authentic: these are the key words for a new TAG Heuer time instrument embodying the very spirit of the depths.

Anymore, Aquaracer Calibre S Regatta Tag Heuer:

Chronograph sport 's most elegant and most powerful ever built , the Tag Heuer Calibre S is a new breakthrough in watchmaking revolutionizing the world of movement.

Developed internally , the new caliber displays the time and chronograph functions with the three central hands . This innovative and unique architecture , inspired by automotive dashboards , where TAG Heuer made his name in 1911 , can read easily and intuitively both the time, elapsed chronograph time and countdown regatta .

The Calibre S is a significant advance in the world of quartz chronographs since their invention in the 1980s. Unlike the first generation of watches quartz , which were modeled on the architecture of mechanical movements , the Calibre S introduces a second generation of movements that display the time and other information with logic and elegance.

Thus , the central hand shows the hours hours Watch and Chronograph mode , the central minute hand shows the minute fashion watch , Chronograph and countdown regatta, while the central seconds hand displays the seconds Fashion Watch , Chronograph and Regatta countdown . The semi- circular counter displays the right split-second chronograph mode . To switch from standard to Watch Chronograph mode or Regatta countdown , just press the crown once to Chronograph mode and twice for the mode countdown regatta. The semi-circular counter on the left shows the selected mode .

Chronograph mode , operates as a normal chronograph . However , the elapsed time is shown by central hands . Those hours , minutes and seconds respectively show the hours, minutes and seconds elapsed , while the right counter displays the elapsed time in tenths of a second.